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  • MBA Student Feature: Five Minutes With....

    Question 1: What is your dream job?  [Without hesitation...] Venture Capitalist...seriously.  Last year I met a man who was in this role from Guatemala and long story short, Wal-Mart bought his company and he now has seen a lot of success from this.  Other than my parents, he is a man I admire very much.  I think growing companies is a really exciting thing...its a challenge to make something out of very little.
    Question 2: If you could spend a day in someone elses shoes, who would it be? Why?  Today I would say President Obama; but in general, I would have loved to spend a day in George W. Bush's shoes.  It would be wild to see what it feels like when your country doesn't support you.  How do you step off that pedestal for a minute and think about how what you do and what you say affects what people think about you?  Whats more, how do you balance self-preservation and focusing on the nation?  He had a rough time, any President in the same situation, on 9/11, would have had the same type of criticism.
    Question 3: What is the coolest place you have ever been?  I dont know!  [He names a few amazing places, but doesn't want to use them!]  I guess there isn't really a special place.  Most of the places I go to have to have a beautiful from Montanita or the beaches in South Africa...I look at how big the ocean is and think that its the same water traveling from S. America to S. Africa makes me feel so small and very humble.
    Question 4: Tell me something that no one would know about you.  [Alex laughs...] My second language is German [Really?] Yes!  It came from my elementary education and from high school.  All my science classes were in German and I studied in a German school.  So, there it is - German is number two and English is my third.
    Question 5: Favorite thing about the Illinois MBA?  This is gonig to sound really predictable but, IBC and the opportunity to work with the Kola Foundation...not every program allows you to be this flexible and to acually implement what you are learning in the real-world as you go.

    Thank you so much for your time, Alex...we learned so much in just five minutes! 

    Check back for next week's edition...