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  • MBA Feature: Five Minutes With....Round 3!

    Alex Clemons, MBA1, Finance
    Alex Clemons, MBA1, Finance

    Yes, it's that time of the week again!  In the third installment of "Five Minutes With..." we meet MBA1 Alex Clemons.

    Alex is quiet, but don't let that fool you!  He is full of interesting stories and unsuspecting hobbies!  A lawyer from Peoria, Illinois (actually, he's from Metamora, but most people haven't heard of it, so he sticks to Peoria!), Alex recently finished law school and decided to pursue his MBA.  He says its the perfect marriage of his passions - law and business.

    Keep reading to learn more about Mr. Clemons...

    What is your dream job?  Uh, my dream job is....being the managing partner of Kirkland & Ellis. [Whoa! So specific!] It's a Chicago law firm...I don't necessarily think it will ever happen but its my ultimate goal. I also have a JD, so I am a lawyer and this was my dream job all the way through law school.  When the economy crashed, law firms stopped hiring and I decided to come get my MBA!
    If you spend a day in someone else's shoes, who would it be? Why?  It'd definitely  be Frank Sinatra!  I'm a musician [Geez! A man of many talents!] and he [Sinatra] just epitomized cool at a time when cool was cooler than its ever been.  He got to do what he loved every day and that's amazing.  Sing, tell jokes...I mean, he had it made.  To be him would basically mean I could get paid to go to a club with your friends, hang out and just enjoy my life.  It'd be great.
    What is the coolest place you have ever been?  Coolest place I've ever been...umm, the town of Assisi [Italy].  It has not changed since the time it was built.  It's this ancient city where the roads are still very narrow and the buildings are still built on hills.  It is literally a town from the middle ages...bizarre, but so cool to explore. Even the shops are still in tact - although, they only sell kithcy tourist stuff!
    Tell me something that no one would know about you...One thing that never really comes up in conversations at school is that I recorded and produced an album of my music in high school [So cool!].  It was fun - I played all the instruments and sang, but I have a rule: under no circumstances can anyone listen to the album!
    And, finally, what is your favorite thing about the Illinois MBA?  I think, right now, the coolest thing about the MBA is the flexibility we get in terms of what classes we can take.  In law school we get no flexibility, but with this curriculum I will be able to combine both of my interests [business and law] and take classes at the law school while working on my MBA.  Not many business schools offer this flexibility and it makes me even more excited about being an Illinois MBA!
    Music, law and Italy - talk about an exciting interview! Thank you so much for spending five minutes with us Alex...maybe next time we can convince you to play guitar or piano for us?  Check back next week for the next edition of "Five Minutes With..."!  We may get crazy and start asking some new questions!  Happy Thursday and enjoy the weekend!
#1 Nov 26, 2010 9:30 am quote
Hi, I did my Master studies last year and I agree, the coolest thing about the Master is the flexibility you get in terms of what classes you can take Cheers HT