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  • Four Weeks and Going Strong...More "Five Minutes With..."

    Stephanie Mills, MBA1, Strategic Management
    Stephanie Mills, MBA1, Strategic Management

    Another week, another new student!

    This week meet Stephanie Mills...a first-year MBA, second-year law student.  Stephanie comes to Illinois from Midland, Michigan and hopes to complete her MBA with a Strategic Management concentration in addition to her corporate law degree.

    We decided to change up the questions this week to keep you all interested and continually learning about the students of the Illinois MBA!

    So, Stephanie, if Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? gut reaction is Jennifer Aniston...not really sure why, but, she's the one. I think that everybody seems to like her and she seems to, at least in the roles she's had, develop as person regardless of what is challenging or difficult her in life.


    If you are given a chance to travel back to the past where would you go and why?  I think probably when the Declaration of Independence was being written and seeing how it all came together and all the view points.  There were, and still are, a lot of opinions about why it was drafted.  So, to experience it firsthand would be really interesting.  [Is this coming from your interest and joint degree in law?] Yes, it is!



    How do you define and tackle stress?  I learned a lot about stress in law school last year; stress is when you are pushed to your boundaries and you don't know what to do! I tackle it by writing lists and then think about my strategy...look at the trees, not forest, I say!   Tackle every item on the list one by one.  Then you feel like you've accomplished something.

    To date, what is your favorite book?  I really like the book "Blink"; its about thinking.  This is going to sound really confusing, but, we don't really think about "thinking".  This book prompts you to think. It's really deep and it totally changes your perspective on how to think about and approach things in your life.  [Do you know who the author is?] I'm not sure who the author is, but he also wrote the book, "The Tipping Point", which is really good too.  [Thanks to Wikipedia, we were able to find the author of these books, Malcom Gladwell.]

    And of course, our favorite questions, what is your favorite part of the Illinois MBA?  I really like the people and when I was coming to Illinois or rather, deciding where to apply, I was looking at law and business schools and level of competition and how comfortable I felt.  I went and visited some, and when I came to the law school at Illinois, the sense of community here was amazing , and when I felt that same sense of community at the business school, I knew this was it!  There is a nice balance of cooperation and competitiveness in both schools and that is really important to me!


    Thank you so much Stephanie and good luck on your joint-degree!


    More to come next week...