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  • IMBA Students Hit Chicago for the NSHMBA Career Conference

    NSHMBA entrace at McCormick Place in Chicago
    NSHMBA entrace at McCormick Place in Chicago

    Last weekend the students of the Illinois MBA made the trip to Chicago to attend the National Society of Hispanic MBA's Career Fair and Conference.  The NSHMBA fair is one of the largest organized career events of the semester and is always incredibly valuable for students.  This year over 200 hundred companies attended the event with recruiters ready and excited to talk about potential full-time and internship opportunities for MBA's.  Held at McCormick place in downtown Chicago, the event itself was very impressive!  The booths were very representative of each company and allowed students to get a good understanding of company culture as well as an opportunity to interact with recruiters, executives and managers.

    We were able to speak with a few of the students who attended and get their opinion of the event.  Read more to see what Illinois MBA's are saying about NSHMBA...

    Darrien Jackson (MBA Alum, Class of 2010):  "I found this to be one of the most relaxed career fairs I've ever attended.  It was really easy to connect with employers and I came out with some really good leads.  Of course, it was also great to see fellow and future Illinois MBA alumni well represented on the floor."

    Kyna England (First-Year MBA; Finance) "I think it was good experience, but not much success for me anyway.  Some of the recruiters didn’t know about the internships because they won’t be made available until January, so that was a little discouraging. But, it was a good way to follow up with some of the recruiters I had met earlier in the year. I spoke with the recruiter from Allstate that I had met at the U of I  business fair and he remembered me, so I though that was a good thing! The reception was a really fun after event because it was a great way to learn from others’ experiences while relaxing from a hard day of selling yourself."


    Jessica Anderson (Second-Year MBA; Finance) "Well, I think it went a lot better than last year.  I tried a different approach where I actually made sure I applied to companies that I'm interested in before I talked to them so I could mention that I was proactive in the recruiting process. It seemed to work well."


    Wei-Li Ho (Second-Year MBA; Marketing) "I think I received better feedback from NHSMBA recruiters this year. More told me they do hire international students based on skill sets!  Plus I had a chance to learn the recruiting process.  However if I had gotten more time to explore the NHSMBA website and take advantage of its resources, I might have acquired more recommendations for positions I am interested in.  I am looking for Marketing & Sales positions in IT industry or Consumer Products and a lot of the recruiters for these companies told me it's too early to hire students who graduate next May.  They are looking for people who can work in two months so they asked me to keep eyes on the website."


    Jennifer Schmidt (Second-Year MBA; General Management) "NSHMBA was an excellent opportunity to speak with 200+ companies from various industries and locations, all in one place. I spoke with recruiters at several companies, and interviewed with two.  All of the people I spoke with were interested in the organizations and experiential learning opportunities I have been a part of at the Illinois MBA."


    Mike Boryca (Second-Year MBA; Operations)  "NSHMBA had a pretty good group of companies represented, and I thought it was simpler to talk to them.  It's always good to go to career fairs in my opinion, it gives you face time, and that speaks volumes.  If you are honestly interested in a company, it comes across a lot more and the recruiters pick up on it, and in that regard, most of the companies I talked to had a variety of staff on hand to field the different interests and handle them accordingly."


    John Foley (Second-Year MBA; Strategic Management) "It was a great opportunity to get in front of a large number of opportunities and start building relationships with those I was interested in.  There were a lot of Illinois MBA's there, which is always a great thing to see.  It was nice to be at McCormick Place - it is massive and the fair itself was impressive, but it didn't feel overwhelming.  Overall, it was a really positive experience."


    Nathan Der (Second-Year MBA; Operations and Strategy) "NSHMBA was an interesting event. I found that a lot of companies were looking to hire immediately instead of the summer after we graduate. I did manage to land a couple interviews with a few companies but for the most part, I was told to apply for jobs in the Feb - March time frame as many companies did not know their budget for next year. On the whole, I had a positive experience for the mere fact that I gained several good contacts along with the couple of interviews. But it was super tiring trying to promote oneself to over 30 companies!"


    Matt Lesh (Second-Year MBA; Marketing) "The overall NSHMBA experience was more positive than last year's event in Minneapolis. It seemed as though recruiters were willing to discuss employment opportunities with students. However, many recruiters still instructed students to apply for positions online. Hopefully, more companies will be willing to discuss employment opportunities with Illinois MBA students after the New Year." 


    Next year, NSHMBA will be held in Anaheim, California and we hope to see the Illinois MBA just as well represented as it was this year!  Congrats to all of the students who were able to attend and made valuable connections.