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  • Net Impact Teams Up With Envirox to Create Greener Processes

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    Jon Chan is a first-year MBA with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.  During our interview, he said that the reason he chose the University of Illinois MBA program was "based on the fact that there are courses on sustainable products and marketplaces.  My interest comes from the fact that there is a lot of good from the business side that undermined; a lot of business people can use these skills and knowledge to better the environment and create better lives for people."  Enter, Net Impact and the Envirox project.  Jon believe that "this experience will help me get a better idea of what its like to create a more sustainable business world and also to have some real life application in terms of process management."

    So, tell us about this project and how Net Impact is going to help Envirox.  We are working with Kristen Sackley, a student from the Professional MBA class and a manager at Envirox to evaluate the current processes from ordering to product shipping as well as the production line. Once we have a solid understand, out team of 5-6 Net Impacters will make recommendations on how to improve these processes whether it is through mixing improvements or implementing a new system to help with orders to improve efficiency and keep Envirox "green" by using fewer resources and less paper.

    What is the final deliverable? Right now, the main project is to develop process map as they currently don't have one.  We've already made a visit to the plant to see everything in motion.  Now, we need to start researching lean manufacturing and come up with an improved solution for preventing bad orders, establish better accountability and have more accurate forecasting.  We are working with Professor Gopesh. He's very involved and has an expertise in the area.  Communicating with him is a huge help, plus, this is a great integration of  the PMBA, Full-Time MBA and a professor while we get real life experience.

    Is there a timeline? We don't really have a timeline which is really nice.  Basically, it's open ended so we will continue to work through this semester and hopefully implementation can begin at a point where we can observe and make improvements throughout the year.  Eventually, we will have the opportunity to present this project to the COO of Envirox.

    Any final comments you'd like to share? Well, I have to say, we get free cleaning solution - which is VERY cool!

    Thanks to Jon and the members of Net Impact for their time and dedication to this valuable project!  We wish you all the best of luck and can't wait to get an update on the progress you've made!