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  • "Five Minutes with..." Edition 6!

    Kyna England; Finance
    Kyna England; Finance

    After we completed this interview with Kyna England, first year MBA concentrating on Finance, we realized that we probably should have done a special "Halloween Edition" of "Five Minutes with...". Oops!

    Regardless of our un-Halloween spirit during this festive week, we still got to sit down with Kyna and learn about this Illinois-native from Northbrook.  Kyna graduated from the University of Colorado with an undergraduate degree in Math.  In her free time she likes to read fiction, mostly sci-fi and host movie nights with her friends.

    Learn more about Kyna...!

    ...Kyna came to the interview straight from an accounting study session...


    Thanks for breaking from your work to come and hang out with us! So, first question...if Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?  Geez! This is a hard first question...especially since I'm thinking about credits and debits!!  Um, let's be honest, I like Julie Stiles...I know she's not around a lot but she's really good at the whole cynical thing and I think that fits perfectly with my sense of humor!. I tend to be very sarcastic and admittedly a little cynical.  Of course, I would want Julia Stiles circa "Ten Things I Hate About You"....when she was popular!

    If you are given a chance to travel back to the past where would you go and why?  Ummm...I would have liked to experience the 80's from a different point of view - I would like to be older!  I'm not a big history buff so going back to see a historical event take place wouldn't really interest me - I'm more into pop culture so I think this point in time would be really fun.

    How do you define and tackle stress?  For me, stress is anything that makes me anxious or worried or something that affects how I function in my day to day routine, making it harder to get through. [Great definition!] I like to get stressful things out of the way as quickly as possible so I usually deal with it right away.  Once I have handled my stress I like to reward myself for getting it done, whether its a glass of wine or watching a move, I feel like I deserve it.  Also, bubble doesn't really get much better.  Not sure if that is too much information [No way! Great stress reliever!]  Of course, these are short term - if its a long term stressor or a really difficult task, the reward is bigger, like a party or a fancy dinner with friends.


     To date, what is your favorite book?  My favorite book...OH MY GOSH! Love this question.  Actually, "Battle Royale" is my favorite.  It's a Japanese young adult book that is translated into English.  It’s really exciting because as you read you are learning about a different culture that is dealing with a very deadly situation. Also, it’s really in depth and detailed; there are about 30 characters to focus on and, they all have Japanese names so it’s difficult to follow.  But, the more you learn about them, the easier they become to distinguish.  This makes me think of another great book - "Requiem for  a Dream". I love this book because you don't have to be told which characters are saying what. Because the author engages the reader so well, and really paints clear characters, you just get to know them so well that you can tell who is speaking.  That kind of writing is amazing.


    And of course, our favorite question, what is your favorite part of the Illinois MBA?  I have really gotten to like mt classmates.  Getting together and doing things outside of school is really nice...and honestly, I really have enjoyed my study groups these two quarters, I hope this pattern continues!  I am also trying to participate in as many extra-curricular events as possible - its hard, but I know its important.



    Thanks so much to Kyna for taking time away from school work to talk with us!  Happy Halloween from the Illinois MBA - and we will see you next week with a new student and new questions!