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  • Illinois MBA Students Celebrate Diwali!

    Diwali Lanterns
    Diwali Lanterns

     For many of our international students, Diwali is the most important festival of the year and is celebrated by performance traditional activities.  The MBA Diversity Association along with the first-year Indian students, have planned an event that is sure to be an amazing success!  Not only will students in the MBA be able to enjoy traditional Indian cuisine, they will also be introduced to the traditions and rituals that are unique to this culture.

    Held at OneNorth in Urbana, the MBADA Diwali celebration will feature lights, color, flavor and dance.  It will certainly be a night to remember!

    We will be sure to talk with students who attend and post a follow-up early next week!  Check back for details about this amazing celebration and we hope that all Illinois MBA students enjoy their Diwali experience tonight!