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  • "Five Minutes With..."...a Joint-Degree Student!

    Jenna Goebig, MArch/MBA
    Jenna Goebig, MArch/MBA

    This week we changed the pace and sat down with joint-degree student Jenna Goebig.  Jenna is a second year MBA at Illinois, and while she works through business school she is also pursuing her Masters of Architecture degree.  Not only is Jenna incredibly busy, she is very organized and focused on her future...all of which has contributed to her success at the University of Illinois.

    Jenna is from Joliet, Illinois and after completing her undergraduate degree in Architecture at Illinois, she decided to stay for a few more semesters!  In her spare time (which she says is "much less these days") she likes to spend time with her friends and family.

    Read more to learn about this talented joint-degree student...

    Thanks for sitting down with us, Jenna. Let’s get right to it! Can you tell me about the worst boss you've ever had? Like... in a professional environment? [Sure, but it doesn’t have to be only professional! Dig deep!] In that case, the worst ever was my first job at an ice cream shop. My worst boss ever was my first boss ever! I worked part time after school (high school) at an ice cream shop. We sold soft serve ice cream AND fried fast food snacks. My boss was an older woman that was new to the business world and had zero sense of sanitation. She would smoke inside the unventilated building. I left every day smelling like a fried dairy cigarette! To top that off, she would dip her gross fingers into the ice cream mixer to taste it! EWW! She wasn't very pleasant to customers and didn’t care about her employees. I quit the minute I turned 16 and could get another part-time job. Needless to say, she went out of business shortly after that. [Yikes!]

    If you could be a sushi roll - what would you be and why? (This is great for Jenna because she doesn’t like sushi!)  I'm not a fan of most sushi, so I would say ANY sushi that looks really really good on a sleek black plate. I would ONLY be said sushi if I were plated well. The way I see it is, sushi doesn't taste good, so it better look fantastic on a plate! [Well, since you don't like fish, what could we roll with rice that WOULD taste good?] Ahhhh! Since I'm not a fan of sushi in general, I would ONLY be a sushi roll made out of strawberry slices and dark chocolate, wrapped in shavings of white chocolate... yum! Oh, and no rice... only sweet rice!

    If we flew you to Antarctica, what would be the first thing you would ask a local when you got there? Do you drink hot beer here?... and, where can I find some?

    Who would win in a fight: a ninja or a pirate?  DEFINITELY a pirate! Pirates use legitimate weapons... like their peg-legs, hook hands and pistols! Ninjas wouldn't have a chance! [What about their secret ninja moves?]  The parrot will catch them before they pounce...

    And finally, what has been your favorite thing about your MBA experience? The MBA experience is definitely irreplaceable. I have engaged with a wealth of diverse people and made lifelong friends! The collaboration and sharing of knowledge has also strongly influenced my experience in this program.