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  • Diwali: An MBA Student's Experience

    MBA Students in Traditional Clothing
    MBA Students in Traditional Clothing

    A team of Indian students worked tirelessly with the MBADA to make this year's Diwali celebration again one of the best events of the fall semester.  Two rooms were used to house the festivities, one which served as a general gathering place and eventual dance floor, with the other being used as a dining area where a seemingly never ending stream of delicious Indian dishes were served.  There was enough food that I personally went back for thirds!

    But the main focus was on the holiday and Indian culture.  Indian classmates dressed up in traditional clothes and decorated the area with chalk art and lights.  Indian dance music was pumped from a set of large speakers in the corner of the main gathering room and after the meal, a massive dance party broke out.  What better way for everyone in the program to bond across cultural boundaries than to rock it out to something bumping Indian beats?  It was such a good time that I threw caution to the wind and joined the dancing with my camera still swinging about from my shoulder.

    It's events like this that further prove that one of Illinois' strengths lies in its diversity.  This is a cultural event put on by students for other students.  Not only do people share their cultural backgrounds and experiences, people actively engage in learning about these differences as well.  And in an increasingly global world where business frequently crosses national borders, isn't this a core value that should be present in any top business school program?

    In addition to really good Indian food and busting out moves on the dance floor with your classmates, of course.


    **A very special thank you to John Li for writing this piece for the blog and for capturing the fun with his amazing photography.  We appreciate your contributions and look forward to more!