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  • "Five Minutes with"...another second year MBA!

    Kyle Harshbarger, Second-Year MBA
    Kyle Harshbarger, Second-Year MBA

    This week we sat down with Kyle Harshbarger, a second-year MBA student from Normal, IL.  With a double concentration on Operations Management and Finance, Kyle has certainly been very busy with his academics.  However, he has also be incredibly dedicated to the MBA Service Association as President for the past year.  This position was a perfect fit for him considering his passion for volunteering and giving back to the community.  When he isn't busy at school he likes to watch sports (he's a die hard Bears fan), play video games and perform music with his family. Kyle and his wife just welcome baby number two this fall! Congrats!

    Keep reading to learn more about Mr. Harshbarger...

    Thanks for taking some time to talk with us, Kyle.  Let's get started with you telling me about the worst boss you've ever had. Hm, well, one boss I had let his employees belittle each other and it ended up really dividing the workers. He didn't address problems directly, and eventually, everything fell apart.  [Wow! Sounds rough!]

    If you could be a sushi roll - what would you be and why? I would be giant squid. Elusive and unique, but only for specific tastes.

    If we flew you to Antarctica, what would be the first thing you would ask a local when you got there?  Who's your tailor?  [Why a tailor?] Well, the residents of Antarctica are penguins.  They wear tuxedos and clearly, I would need one too! 

    Who would win in a fight: a ninja or a pirate?  Well, as you know, I am a huge Bears fan...and this question makes me think of Ditka for some reason.  That said, if the pirate were named Ditka, then the pirate would win. If the ninja were named Ditka, the ninja would win. If they were both named Ditka, the universe couldn't contain the fight and would explode!  [Bear down!]

     And finally, what has been your favorite thing about your MBA experience? Honestly, it has been having the opportunity to learning the inner workings of businesses and how I can better run one someday.

    Thank you again to Kyle for this interview!  We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and when we come back next week, we will fill you in on all the fun that took place over break!