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  • Illinois MBA Students Recognized for Their Extraordinary Achievements

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    Extraordinary Achievement Award Nominees:  Adam Ratner, Jamie Ang, Jill Krivacek, Hui Wang, Abby Sullivan, Brian Cox, Adam Sherer, Cecilia Araya, Steve Sash, Justin Essig, Tim Kingery, Leslie Lopez, Jennifer Schmidt, Cristian Mintreanu, Vish Nadgir, Kristen Lisa, John Foley, Pawan Gaargi, Matt Lesh, Jeff Osjui, Imad Rahman

    Extraordinary Achievement Award Winners: 

    Jennifer Schmidt was chosen as a recipient of the Extraordinary Achievement Award because  of her dedication and leadership within the MBA program.  Through her work as the Women in Business President, senior leadership in IBC and member of Net Impact she is always finding ways to leave her mark.  Jen makes herself available for other students as a source of guidance and friendships.  She truly serves as an ideal ambassador for the Illinois MBA.

    Pawan Gaargi was chosen as an Extraordinary Achievement Award winner because of his leadership within the MBA program, especially as President of Net Impact and his involvement as a senior leader within IBC.  Pawan is an advocate for diversity with in the Illinois MBA and dedicates immense efforts to communicate the importance of culture and pride.

    Finally, Adam Rater was selected as the third award winner because of his commitment and thought-leadership demonstrated through the KOLA Foundation.  His willingness to see opportunities that truly impact the community demonstrate initiative and creativity.  Adam is a great example of a leader and someone who is relentlessly dedicating to continued improvement of the Illinois MBA program.

    We'd like to extend a special "CONGRATS" to all of the nominees and winners!  We look forward to the Spring ceremony and the chance to honor a whole new set of extraordinary achievers!