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  • First-Year MBA's Finish First Semester with Christie Clinic Project

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    Professor Kathryn Rybka and the team at Christie Clinic asked the first-year MBA students to spend 16 weeks analyzing a case as part of their final examination.  The students received the case and thought through strategic initiatives that would provide positive results.  You are probably wondering what type of business problem the students were asked to consider. ..


    The Clinic recently became part owners of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, a fantastic community event.  While the future for growth of participation in the event is promising, the team at the clinic wanted to get an MBA perspective about activities that could be executed to increase participation, both from volunteers and actual runners.  The proposals had to include recommendations for four target groups:  clinic employees, U of I students, the Champaign-Urbana community and Central Illinois residents.


    Once their analysis was complete, select teams were chosen to present their recommendations to the Christie Clinic and like any case competition, a winner was chosen!  Congratulations to the first place team! 


    When asked about his experience, Brian Freese, one of the winning teammates said, “This project gave me the opportunity to further understand how the business world operates. Working alongside my team, I was able to develop a presentation that utilized a lot of the skills I already had and I was able to learn new skills from my other team members. Being chosen as a finalist to present to Christie Clinic management was amazing.  We were able to actually witness how consultants pitch projects to different organizations and how they field questions. The most rewarding part of this project will occur in the upcoming months when my team is able to see how our recommendations are implemented into the Illinois Marathon and how those affect the community. Being a part of the winning team was truly amazing and having my own marathon medal let me feel some of what those who finish the marathon get out of it!”


    1st Place

    Rahul Kumar    

    Rabia Malick   

    Adam Russell   

    David Sprenger 

    Diana Vallejo Ochoa    

    Brian Freese   

    Leslie Lopez Espinoza  

    Vinay Patel    

    Harikrishna Rao

    Burak Varurer  


     ….and of course, another round of applause for the runners up!


    2nd Place

    Aaron Birk     

    Andrew Giger   

    Dilip Ranjith  

    JaeHyek(Jack) Rhim     

    Adam Sherer    

    Yi-Fan Chu     

    Kevin Elens    

    Nicholas Reynolds      

    Steven Stachowiak      

    Ameet Sulibhavi Prahlad