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  • Study Abroad in Berlin, Day 2

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    In our second day in Berlin, the group started early with a lecture on Managing Interorganizational Networks with Prof. Sydow. Although the lecturer was a fan of the Star Alliance for flights, all of the class, even those flying on other carriers, enjoyed the example of managing networks within the airline industry. The next lecture was taught by an American professor, Prof. Jackson, who explained some nuances of the German Model of Capitalism and their comparative institutional advantage. We learned that in-line with our expectations, Germans love quality and operate in a coordinated market economy as compared to the Liberal Market Economy operated in the US, Canada and the UK. There were many interesting differences in values to coordination to corporate culture styles. After a lunch break at the university cantinas, two more lectures were given in the afternoon. Germans have extensive attention spans and we were most definitely put to the test. The first afternoon lecture was about multi-stage marketing in a downstream supply chain. This lecture gave a great introduction to supply chains and business to business relationships. Our final lecture provided a glimpse of the technology dynamics and how changed have occurred and been analyzed within the past few decades.

    After a long day of class, a group ventured out to the former East Berlin to have dinner and see the East Side Gallery (a 1KM walk along remains of the Berlin Wall). The group split into two different places and enjoyed some traditional German fare as well as trying the German interpretation of some international cuisine. The outcomes were both good and bad, but always a learning experience. The evening concluded with a walk along the wall, which was repainted with expressive scenes and symbols in 2009 as a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the reunification of the east and the west. For the students, this modern historical memoir showed the culture and expression of the German art community. It is evident throughout Berlin, but especially at the wall, that Germans are proud of their history and like to express this in many forms. After navigating the Berlin Metro back to campus, the day of learning and history was complete.