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  • Wondering What We Were Up to Over Winter Break?

    Welcome Back!! It has been a long and enjoyable winter break, but now were back in Champaign-Urbana and gearing up for the Spring Semester!  While we have a ton to look forward to this half  spring study abroad, Business Career Fair, Alumni Banquet and of course, graduation!  a lot happened in the last four weeks that we thought we should share!

    While most of us take Winter Break off from school and studying, many of the Illinois MBA students managed to stay busy with trips to India and Berlin, vacations and volunteer work!  As always, our students are building their stories whether they are on campus or not!

    Read more to see what some of our students did with their time off!

    Jessica Anderson (second-year MBA): “I studied abroad at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India from December 27th, 2009 through January 5th, 2010. The Indian School of Business is one of the top business schools in the world. The purpose of the program was to learn more about facets of India’s economy that will impact the future of business in the country. The study abroad experience provided me with the opportunity to learn a lot about India’s history and current business environment. Also by traveling around Hyderabad and other neighboring cities, I was able to learn a good deal about the country’s culture. My future employer is in the agriculture/food processing industry, so the research I conducted on agriculture in India will be very relevant to my future career.”

    Natalie Keable (first-year MBA): “This break I had a "mini-internship" at Jones Lang LaSalle, a real estate investment firm in Chicago. I worked in their Projects and Development Services office shadowing two senior project managers and got exposure to a few projects in progress.  To name a few, I worked on a corporate interior office build-out, a LEED certification, and the initial stages of packaging services for a global client. It was a great way to get familiar with the company since it was during the holidays and everything moved at a slower pace.  The best part is that I got invited back for a full internship over the summer!”

    Adam Ratner (first-year MBA):  I really didn't do anything all that newsworthy – my wife and I went on a cruise with our parents and then we spent time in Florida with grandma. Our spring break plans are much more interesting…so stay tuned!!”

    Jill Krivacek (first-year MBA): “I spent most of break with my family in the western suburbs. I really enjoyed catching up on sleep, exercise, and visiting with family and friends. I also enjoyed some home cooking, particularly Mom's lasagna. I also got a good jump on organizing and planning my transition into the President of MBAA role. I did take a five day trip to Tampa to visit some friends and had a nice time. The weather was obviously much better than Chicago. I came back to campus energized and excited to see everyone.”

    Abby Sullivan (first-year MBA): “I spent the first two weeks of break back in the Chicago area spending time with family and friends – and eating lots of Christmas cookies! It was great to see everyone and spend some quality time with my cousins and my new nieces! Just after New Year's, Justin Essig (MBA) and Jenny Allen (Part-Time MBA) and I set off to spend a week in London and Paris before joining other classmates in Berlin for a week long study abroad. Although the weather this time of year in Europe is not the best, the trip was amazing! We explored, climbed the Eiffel Tower and walked along a 1KM remnant of the Berlin Wall - among other things. We also ate amazing food - my favorite was the creme brulee in Paris! Overall the break was a great combination of relaxation and adventure!”


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