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  • "Five Minutes With"....back in action!

    Welcome back, Maile! Thanks for chatting with us for the first “Five Minutes” interview of the semester!! Let’s get started! So, if I came to your house and looked in your fridge, what would I find?  [laughs out loud] Condiments and wine; I really don't have much because since the end of the semester was so busy with finals and such, I had to clean everything out!  I haven’t really gotten a chance to stock it all back up yet! Soon thought!

     Who is the most fascinating person you've ever met?  When we were in undergrad, we had a bunch of people come and speak to us, we had George Bush Sr. come and speak to us, as well as General Krulak from the Marines.  He used to be the former Marine Core Commandant; he was really interesting.  He was really motivational and spoke to us about dedication to service. It was great.

    What did you do over Winter Break? I actually went back to the east coast and to be honest, didn’t really have any actual plans!  I wanted to just relax and take advantage of a few weeks off!

     What was your favorite class last semester? Why?  Hmm, that is hard to say; it was really a toss up! If I had to choose, I took [a class outside the College of Business called] Construction Productivity and the professor had us do a lot of real world application.  It gave opportunity to practice what we were learning in class to actual work/life scenarios.  It was definitely a great way to learn.

     And finally, in the true tradition of “Five Minutes With”, what is your favorite part of the Illinois MBA?  Lots of coffee! But really, it's been meeting a lot of new people from so many different places!

    Thanks so much for your time Maile and stay tuned for more next week!