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  • Celebrating the Successes of Our Soon-to-be-Grads!

    First of all, CONGRATS Jen on this exciting new! Why don't you tell me about your new job and what you’ll be doing in your new role.  I will be part of the Corporate Marketing Leadership Program for PolyOne Corp in Cleveland, OH.  So, it will be 4 rotations in 4 different areas in marketing at the company, the whole rotation is over 2 years.
    Can you describe the process from job search to final interview and what you were feeling throughout the whole thing? The job itself was actually posted on iLink, but, I got in touch with two alumni who work at PolyOne before my first interview just to get an idea about what the job was like, if they liked it and how to prepare.  The first interview was with two executives and one HR person on campus and then I was invited to a second round in Cleveland a month later.  The final round was different, there was no formal interview.  It was a lot of meeting executives at the company and we had to make an impromptu presentation. 
    What was it like to be at PolyOne and experience the culture first-hand, since “fitting in” with the culture can be an important piece of making your final decision?  Umm, it was nerve-wrecking at first because you know that everyone is listening and watching to everything you say and do. They did a really good job of making everyone feel comfortable…and I definitely felt like I would fit in at PolyOne.
    What is the most important thing you learned about the interview/search process, given this was clearly a success for you?  I think preparation is really important for an interview, but you are never really going to feel totally prepared.  You have to be ready for anything that would be thrown at you…and the impromptu presentation at the final round is a great example!  Also, you have to be yourself.
    Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing in Cleveland when you move?  Hmmm…I think I’m looking forward to going to basketball games, maybe a football game.  I am also really looking forward to trying some new restaurants and being able to spend more time with grandma.
    Looking at the last year and a half, what has been the biggest challenge in the job search?  I think the biggest challenge is that people tend to make their search too narrow and aren’t necessarily open to other opportunities.  That could have happened to me here, but since I talked to people who are already in this leadership program, I had a much better sense of what the job actually was instead of just what was written in the blurb on iLink.
    So, tell us how it feels to have a job secured at the end of your first semester? It feels good! But, it’s hard to stay motivated for the last 3 months that we are here!  The plus side is that I have more time to spend with my friends before I have to leave!

    Again, a big congratulations to Jen!  We wish you the best!