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  • MBA Dean's Fellows Spend the Day With Accenture Executives

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    The Dean's Fellows program at the Illinois MBA has been very busy.  This select group of students - Vinay Patel, Adam Russell, Adam Ratner,Justin Essig, Jill Krivacek, Emilia Poppe, Alex Garcia, Olaide Lawal, Andrew Kennedy, Diana Vallejo and Larry Rubeck- - have not only recieved a scholarship for their previous accomplishments, they also have the opportunity to recieve focused career development through a mentor-relationship with  as Dean Lanesskog.  Additionally, they are meeting with various members of the MBA board to discuss their career goals and the strategy they are developing for the future of the program.

    Most recently, the Dean's Fellows had the opportunity to meet with executives at Accenture in Chicago.  Keep reading to hear from our guest writer, Adam Ratner, about his experience at one of the top consulting firms in the Windy City.

    The Illinois MBA program has an alumni network where loyalty, and a commitment to investing back into the program runs deep. On Friday, February 4th, the 12 students that comprise the Illinois MBA Deans’ Fellows Program had an exceptionally unique opportunity to spend the day with Accenture’s Global Branding Team. During this all day professional development event, students heard from Theresa Poggenpohl, an alumnus and Global Director of Accenture’s Global Branding Team, and members of her team as they described what they do and how they do it. In addition to the educational component of this visit, students also had a chance to network with executives at Accenture, the world’s largest global consulting firm.


    The agenda for the day was as follows:


    Welcome / Accenture Company & Global Image Overview with Teresa Poggenpohl, Executive Director, Global Image.


    How we use Advertising in Business-to-Business Marketing / Q&A with Julie Koewler, Director, Global Advertising.


    Search as a Strategic Tool and Overview / Q&A with Brian Harvey, Senior Director, Global Marketing Strategy & Research and Molly Spatara, Senior Director, Internet Marketing.


    Integrated Marketing Using Digital Channels / Q&A with Molly Spatara, Senior Director, Internet Marketing.


    Research for a Business-to-Business Company / Q&A with Brian Harvey, Global Marketing Strategy & Research.



    Branding a Services Company: Accenture Positioning, Brand Strategy and Visual Identity / Q&A with Chuck Teeter, Director, Global Brand


    This unique opportunity was one of many provided to the Illinois MBA’s Dean Fellows.