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  • Meet the New Illinois MBA Students Ambassadors!

    The Illinois MBA recently launched its new "Student Ambassador" site and we are very excited about the students who are profiled!  Eight students from the MBA Class of 2012 have been selected as points of contact for prospective students because of their diverse experience and passion for the MBA.

    The site is designed to be a landing page for prospective students to go and connect with current students to learn first-hand about life in the Illinois MBA.  Be sure to check out the site and reach out to these students for all things MBA!

    ...taken directly from the website:



    Connect with a current student to learn first-hand about life in the Illinois MBA. The MBA Student Ambassadors are here to help answer your questions about the MBA program, University of Illinois, and Champaign-Urbana. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one or several of the Student Ambassadors to introduce yourself and ask questions about the Illinois MBA.