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  • Kola Foundation Distributes Goods in Pine Ridge

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    The Kola Foundation is at it again!  The non-profit organization, run by Illinois MBA students, recently took part in distributing thousands of good to the Porcupine Middle School, a centrally located venue on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

    The event was "tremendously successful", according to Kola CEO, Adam Ratner.

    Continue reading for Adam's account of the trip to South Dakota and the great work the foundation is doing.

    Written by Adam Ranter; MBA Class of 2012.


    "Kola members Mariel Nardi, Saad Khan, Nick Reynolds and I just arrived back in Champaign from our trip to Pine Ridge this past weekend. On Friday, we completed our goods distribution at Porcupine Middle School, a centrally located venue on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The goods distribution and dinner event that preceded it were tremendously successful. We handed out thousands of blankets, hygiene kits, newborn kits, coats, boots and sweaters. In all, over 450 Native Americans attended the event organized by Kola, and the feedback received has been extremely positive. We also distributed excess goods to 9 different community offices across the rez to reach people who did not have a means of transportation to attend the event. Our goal for the event was to expand Kola's reach, improve our credibility on the rez and make difference in the lives of the Oglala Lakota in Pine Ridge. Thanks to the efforts of Mariel, Saad and Nick, we easily accomplished this mission and then some. Kola is now a recognizable name - synonymous with generosity and respect - across the reservation. 



    Goods Distributed on Friday at Porcupine School:
    - 1000+ quilts
    - 1200 hygiene kits
    - 1000 school kits
    - 400 newborn kits
    - 200 winter coats
    - 300 pairs of boots/shoes
    - 200 sweaters
    - 1800+ items of men's, women's and children's clothing

    Goods Distributed to 9 Community Offices:
    - 600 winter coats
    - 1000 pairs of shoes/boots
    - 1100 sweaters
    - 4500 items of men's, women's and children's clothing
    - 700 hygiene kits


    Stay tuned for more information about Kola's future activities with the Pine Ridge Rervation!"