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  • Kola Workshop with DoGood Consulting CEO Laura Huth

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    Laura Huth of do good Consulting will host a 4-hour interactive fundraising workshop for the Kola Foundation on April 1st from 1:00PM to 5:00PM at the BIF. The session will help Kola grow and diversify their funding base.
    Those attending this training will walk away with a clear and strong understanding of where charitable dollars come from in the U.S., who gives and what motivates them to do so, and what the best ways are to raise funds. The basics of mailed campaigns, e-giving, major gifts, and matching challenges will also covered if we have time. You’ll leave energized and ready to review current fundraising efforts to find untapped opportunities for Kola, understand the various roles that make fundraising successful, understand your role in fundraising and how you can help (be it front stage or behind the scenes), and feel ready to take the steps necessary to diversity and strengthen Kola’s fundraising efforts.
    The session will blend a bit of lecture (not school-style lecture though!), small group activities, one-on-one reflection, and personal action planning to give Kola’s members the information they need to be successful in fundraising efforts for the Foundation. We will leave with concrete tools to strategically establish and analyze fundraising efforts, create new energy and encouragement, and develop solid ideas for creating positive change at Pine Ridge.
    Laura has a long history of non-profit organization development and has been involved in numerous successful grassroots fundraising endeavors. As a bonus, Laura comes to us with a knowledge of and appreciation for Native American history and culture, something that has interested her since she was very young. I hope you can join us for this important training. Laura is donating her services to Kola (a $1,200+ value) to help jump-start our efforts and support our cause.

    Please show your support and appreciation with a packed house!

    Please RSVP to if you will be able to make it to this outstanding opportunity to play a critical role in Kola's future.

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