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  • Meet MBA Professor Nick Petruzzi...


    What course(s) do you teach in the MBA program?  (1) Operations Analysis; (2) Project Management; and, periodically, (3) Planning and Control Systems 

    What is your background?  What did you do before you decided to become a professor? I grew up in a multi-generation business environment, and never knew anything other than that.  I went to college, you know, to find myself and all that and what I found was that I love to study.  It took me a few more years to realize that I could actually be a professional student (i.e. a professor), but once I did figure that out, there was no turning back. 

    What is your favorite part of being a professor?  The students! 

    How did you end up at the University of Illinois?  It’s a world class academic environment.  I came here out of grad school, made friends with the MBA, and stayed. 

    What are the two biggest challenges you face?  Actually I have three.  In my house, we call them “our children”. 

    What is the best part of your course?  That’s a trade secret ;-) 

    Do you have any advice for young professionals? Get an Illinois MBA!  


    A big thank you to Professor Petruzzi!  Be sure to check back for more "meet and greets" with other MBA professors!