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  • SCPI to Host Mini-Conference on Social and Consumer Psychology

    Professor Brittany Duff, a faculty member in the Advertising department is part of a team that is organizing a University of Illinois "mini-conference" that deals with social and
    consumer psychology.  This conference (SCPI) will hopefully serve as a first step to facilitating connections between colleges and departments that may have people working in an area that could pertain to consumer psychology (note that consumption can mean products, food, health, media, etc).

    This groups is hoping to find interested parties and work over the summer to create a more formalized format for the group for next year.  Read more for details on the conference.

    **This message is posted on behalf of Delores Alberrecin (psychology), Sharon Shavitt (marketing), Tiffany White (marketing), Dov Cohen (psychology) and Brittany Duff (advertising).

    The conference is tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 9, 1:00-5:00pm at the Business Instructional Facility on campus.   We will be having a few longer talks (20 minutes) as well as several short talks (5-15 minutes) in order to be able to expose participants to as much of the varied consumer research on campus as possible.  We will also have time to for participants to interact as well as produce a contact list with the contact information and research interests of attendees and presenters.

    We are beginning to line up presenters right now and I thought that the visual cognition group might have some very relevant work.  I would really appreciate your either suggesting relevant faculty, post-docs or grad students to present or to send this announcement to the list.

    We will be having presenters from marketing, personality and social psychology, music, anthropology, advertising, behavioral accountancy and more.

    Faculty/grad students should contact me ( if they are interested in attending the conference or becoming part of SCPI.