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  • MBA Students are Honored for Extraordinary Achievements....Round Two!!

    John Foley, second-year MBA, shakes Dean Lanesskog's hand as he accepts his nomination award.
    John Foley, second-year MBA, shakes Dean Lanesskog's hand as he accepts his nomination award.

    ...and the nominees are:

    Alex Garcia (first-year MBA)  was nominated for this award because of his consistency in going above and beyond both in the classroom and as a member of IBC and the Illinois MBA Strategy Team.  Additionally, Alex contributes to the program through case competition participation and shows true dedication as a valuable classmate and team member.

    Andy Lucido (first-year MBA) was nominated because of his efforts and dedication to the MBAA veterans club.  The new club helps with networking, career searches and the efforts in recruiting veterans to the program.  Andy remained hardworking and committed to the club despite initial setbacks and hurdles.

    Stephanie Mills (first-year MBA) was nominated for her dedicated and hard work in team and group assignments.  As a JD/MBA joint degree students, Stephanie has worked hard to devote time as both a law TA and President of the MBA Service Association.  She has reinvigorated the club and has led many successful events this semester.

    **Nick Reynolds (first-year MBA) was one of the winners of the Extraordinary Achievement Award for his commitment to the KOLA foundation.  He successfully organized a $80,000 goods distribution which generated multiple articles in various community publications, increasing awareness for the foundation and for the initiatives within the MBA program.  Congratulations, Nick!

    Abby Sullivan (first-year MBA) was nominated for her dedication to many MBA initiatives, including her role as Women in Business President and as an active member of the admissions team.  Abby has proven herself to be an influential leader in the program and with the admissions team in recruiting top talent for the Class of 2013.

    Diana Vallejo (first-year MBA) was nominated for her enhancement of the MBA experience now and in the future through her efforts as an MBA office program assistant and her work on the MBA Strategy Team.  In addition, Diana has shown dedication to developing the MBA community through her work as an IBC consultant and project manager.

    Alan Auyeung (second-year MBA) was nominated because he went above and beyond the requirements of the VP of Social Event for the MBAA.  Alan provided many opportunities for the classes to bond together through various activities.  He also reached out to many international students to help them become more acclimated to American culture, which was very new to many.

    Richard Boursalian (second-year MBA) was nominated because of his leadership as President of the MBAA and his significant personal contributions to the MBA program.  He has offered his experience and expertise both within the classroom and for classmates as they prepared for interviews, resume building and job searches.

    John Foley (second-year MBA) was a second time recipient of this nomination for his dedication to the MBA program through his role as a program assistant in the Admissions Office.  In addition to his general dedication to the Illinois MBA, John has taken on a high level of responsibility in the admissions process, including working with prospective students and serving as an application evaluator.

    Atsushi Fukuno (second-year MBA) was nominated for this award for his dedication to hard work and his ongoing willingness to help others.  He always volunteers to work with other through frequent tutoring sessions and provides creative thoughts within his groups.  Atsushi has been dedicated to making his classmates experiences in the MBA very positive.

    **Cristian Mitreanu (second-year MBA) was the other winner of the Extraordinary Achievement Award for his dedication to the development and execution of the TEDxUIUC event.  His creative thinking and strategic ideas provided students with the opportunity to experience 19 speakers who are experts in their fields.  The event was stimulating and garnered exceptional attention from many within the university community. Congratulations, Cristian!

    Srinivasan Venugopal (second-year MBA) was nominated Ci for his numerous efforts in sustainable marketing and his desire to continue his research through pursuit of a PhD.  He has won a few notable awards over the last two years for his work and research efforts with Professor Madhu Viswanathan.

    Dean Espenschied (part-time MBA) was nominated because of his positive MBA program impact through his willingness to help others learn, even on Sundays!  Dean constantly volunteers to help students who struggle with material and is an outstanding asset to the program.

    Team Nomiation for the Illinois MBA Student Ambassadors: Slyvia Chen, Starza Kolman, Josh McDonald, Jack Rhim, Adam Sherer, Abby Sullivan, Colleen Symansky and Diana Vallejo (all first-year MBAs) were nominated for the efforts with the Illinois MBA recruiting efforts.  They have all done a great job representing the Illinois MBA to prospective students.

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all the nominees and our winners.  This is a wonderful honor and we look forward to the work you will continue to do both for the Illinois MBA and in the future.