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    As an MBA student, certain affinity groups exist to expand the nature in which networking and further support are available. The associations, while targeting a particular demographic, welcome all people interested in gaining membership. Their most popular and widely noted events in the MBA world lie in the national conferences strategically placed in various locations.

    Attendance at these conferences comes highly recommended by the vast majority of those who have attended, as they present prime networking and career opportunities with numerous Fortune 500 corporations. With the amicable stage set, participants arrive equipped with freshly tailored suits and new padfolios oozing with resume copies, primed to make the best impressions possible.

    Aside from corporate opportunities, these conferences enable MBAs to congregate for intragroup fellowship and networking, enjoying dinners, concerts, and company sponsored events for all who join in the festivities. Bonds may be forged and connections made while gaining exposure to a new corporate environment.

    Personally, I have attended one conference, as the Illinois MBA provides financial support for students who wish to take advantage of these symposiums. While taking part in last year’s National Black MBA Conference in Los Angeles (Atlanta, GA, this year), I actually made the contact, which led to an interview request, eventually rendering the offer for the internship I am currently working. Beyond just my personal testimony, a number of other students earn internship and job offers through interviews and networking performed at the conferences’ career fairs and general activities, so I strongly advocate attending these valuable events.

    Below I have listed the links to some of the most prominent affinity groups. More than these exist, so please continue to research in order to discover which one provides the greatest fit for YOU! Until next time… 

    National Black MBA Association 

    National Society of Hispanic MBAs 

    National Association of Asian MBAs 

    National Association of Women MBAs

#1 Jul 6, 2011 1:54 pm quote
What about the MBA Veterans Network? It has emerged as the leading networking organizations for military veterans with MBA degrees from top-ranked schools. Plus, it was founded by Illinois MBA alumni We're running our 4th Conference this fall, have every top Wall Street Bank committed to attending; Alex Gorsky the Executive Vice Chairman of Johnson & Johnson (former Army officer and Wharton MBA) is a keynote speaker and have new firms registering every week.