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  • Checking In With the Interning MBAs

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    Following Illinois MBA students matriculation through the rigorous first year curriculum, the majority of the class gears up for the customary summer internship. While not required by the school, most students allocate a significant portion of time during the school year to land the best internship possible in the area of business they plan to pursue. These summer internships present a proverbial golden opportunity to enter into the corporation of your choice, make an impact while there, and garner a full time job offer after its conclusion. The core purpose of these internships lies in ones ability to shape their job experience and showcase their ability to contribute in a real world environment. Students who accept internship offers receive them from companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100, offering significant exposure to high profile organizations, a big plus for joining Illinois MBA.

    Today, we will hear from a diverse group of Illinois MBA students currently working their internships. Enjoy!

    First up, we have Steve Sash; Steve successfully completed his first year while gaining notoriety as a case competition aficionado, where he thrived in numerous instances. This summer he is working as an associate for The Douglas Group, a boutique investment bank that serves privately held companies in the middle market. Sash, a career-changer, is utilizing his internship as an opportunity to migrate to the investment banking industry. In his time with The Douglas Group, he has enjoyed significant responsibilities including (but not limited to) preparing financial models and analytical support, working with client management teams, board members, and stakeholders throughout all phases of transaction advisory and execution, & providing research on relevant companies, industries, markets and competitors.

    Todd Chini, who currently works for Goodyear, took advantage of the study abroad opportunities that Illinois MBA offers, traveling to Brazil this spring. As Chini seeks advancement within the manufacturing and supply chain realm in which he worked prior to beginning his MBA, his internship returned him to the world he knows so well already. In his time with Goodyear in Fayetteville, NC, he has mostly been working to implement standard work practices, regarding tire assembly. His additional areas of concentration focus on overall equipment effectiveness analysis and lean/pull inventory processes.

    Starza Kolman, striving for a career in market research, has spent her summer interning with United Stationers, a Fortune 500 company and leading wholesale distributor of office supplies. The capacity in which Kolman works zeros in on environmental sustainability strategy for their Research, Analytics, and Sustainability department. When asked her personal thoughts on her summer experience, she shared that, “My project has been extremely rewarding for me because I have been trying to figure out how to combine my nonprofit background with my current business knowledge. Working on sustainability measures has shown me that there is a place for a nonprofit mindset in business and has enabled me to do a complete overhaul on my concentration and place in the business world. Because of my experiences this summer, I am taking more courses on sustainability in the fall and will be looking for companies that include sustainability in the mission statements or values. I am so thankful for my internship this summer and I am especially thankful to my supervisor who has lead me down this wonderful path to an ideal career for me.

    Brian Freese part of the roughly 10% of MBAs making the jump straight from undergraduate studies to the graduate level, is enjoying summer employment at the global headquarters of Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, OH), where his official title is “Global Operations HR Intern”. Freese has kept busy, effectively contributing to three projects for the retail product power, including organization transformation, 2011 annual ratings processes, and assessing vulnerability.

    The Class of 2012 has clearly spent their summer focused on impacting and creating significant value at their respective corporate summer homes. While a diverse group, those featured in this post only showcase merely a snapshot of the internship and occupational paths available at University of Illinois. Great opportunity for growth and exposure exist at the Illinois MBA, dynamically preparing its students to lead once they go on from the program. Thank you for reading, and until next time…