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  • Meet Jon Chan

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    Meet Jon Chan. Chan, who earned his bachelor's degree at Indiana University's Kelley  School of Business in Computer Information Systems, hails from Chicago, IL. In addition to his academic load, Mr. Chan participates in extracurricular activities in various capacities. Serving as the president of Net Impact, an organization striving to involve in riding the trend of corporate social responsibility and long term sustainability, and CMO for the KOLA Foundation has assisted in readying him for a career in the corporate social responsibility field. AND on top of that, Jon Chan recently became engaged! A round of applause, please.

    We chatted with Jon Chan, who carved a few minutes out of his busy schedule, about his internship experience and reflection of the Illinois MBA thus far, among other topics. 

    Now that your first year is complete, what was your favorite part [of your first year]? What was the most valuable thing you learned?

    Favorite part: Definitely meeting a diverse group of classmates. We have students from Korea to Ghana and it was really neat learning their cultures. The most valuable thing I learned was to take part in something I truly want to pursue. Perhaps this is a shameless plug for The Kola Foundation, but being a leader in the organization really taught me what it's like to be a social entrepreneur.

    Where and with whom is your summer internship?

    I'm at Allstate Insurance in the Chicago area.

    Can you speak to your personal internship search experience?

    I found my internship by specifically honing in on my field of interest (corporate social responsibility or CSR). I wanted to get some experience on how a company reports its CSR and sustainability efforts. Additionally, I wanted to apply business acumen for social good. From there, I just looked on job boards and networked among others methods, and eventually, I found a good fit.

    What responsibilities have you assumed in your internship?

    I have analyzed Allstate's CSR report and identified areas for improvement, and attended environmental leadership meetings in order to develop additional sustainability strategies.

    I developed and enhanced strategies to promote The Allstate Foundation's efforts to provide financial literacy for domestic violence abuse victims. Lastly, I communicated Allstate's community involvement, both, within the company and externally.

    Do you have any advice for the incoming Illinois MBA students for reaching success in their internship searches?

    You're probably in the MBA program with some previous experience under your belt, and you want to figure out where your career is going. So, in finding an internship, really analyze what you like and what you don't like in a job or function. Then, look for companies that meet those values.