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  • A Few Ways to GET INVOLVED

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    A unique attribute of the Illinois MBA lies in the students' ability to create their own personal experience. A return trip to school provides students with the dynamic opportunity to participate in neglected activities from undergrad, and along with one's academic curriculum, students may customize their extracurricular menu. Today, we will discuss a few great ways YOU can get involved as an Illinois MBA!

    Illinois Business Consulting: Want experiential learning? Interested in gaining consulting experience? Illinois Business Consulting, the student-run consulting firm distinguishes U of I from the masses. This organization utilizes the top-level academic talent across the schools on Illinois’ campus, providing students with the opportunity to gain real world work experience while acquiring their educations. IBC participants work on solutions for companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500.

    Case Competitions: In building one’s problem solving skills, few activities serve as a better option than involvement in case competitions. A plethora of these competitive events are made available to the Illinois MBA, affording students opportunities to strategize and present practical solutions to encountered corporate problems. Participating in case competitions offers excellent networking, and in some cases, students have landed internships through their work at the contests.

    Intramural Sports: In addition to possessing the largest Greek system in U.S., the University of Illinois boasts one of the country’s most impressive intramural facilities in the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). This 340,000 square foot fitness Mecca not only offers numerous classes and multiple gyms for students and faculty to stay in shape but also an array of intramural sports in which to participate. Basketball, flag football, swimming, and rock climbing are just a few of the activities for students. The Illinois MBA actually formed an “MBA All-Star” basketball team last year and has an MBA Golf League, as well.

    MBAA: The MBAA serves as the governing entity of the Illinois MBA student body. Numerous positions comprise the MBAA, and among those are vice presidential positions for communications, finance, alumni, programs, and social planning. A presidential distinction currently occupied by second year, Jill Krivacek, also exists. The MBAA presides over the planning of events and serves as the students' voice in matters applying to the Illinois MBA.

    The Illinois MBA focuses on value and creation in an innovative fashion. By getting involved beyond the Illinois MBA academics and becoming more well rounded, students may create more value for the program as they can speak to a broader range of topics. Involving oneself in extracurricular activities, while finding a balance with academics only adds to the robust experience available at the Illinois MBA! Thank you, and until next time…

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Additionally, The Kola Foundation is a great way to get involved with a student initiative emphasizing corporate social responsibility. Kola was founded in 2010 with the aim of improving access to education, health and finances for the residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, SD. In the past year, we have organized a supplies drive that was largely successful and we will have plenty of projects in the coming year for students to get involved. Please feel free to contact Jon Chan for more info: Our website is: