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  • The Diversity Factor

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    How do we best acquire valuable knowledge? Is it from our teachers? Is it from reading, or is it from other people and experiences? In my humble opinion, total utilization of the available information sources serve best in not only our education but also our learning. As the climate of business continuously migrates to an international arena, one's ability to learn and relate to other cultures holds vital importance now more than ever.

    In the Illinois MBA, the level of diversity embedded within the student body provides exquisite opportunities for cultural growth and informal education. However, the total diversity to which I am referring is not simply limited to the various nationalities of the people who populate the Illinois MBA program. The students matriculating through the program boast various backgrounds including but not limited to law, biology, English/literature, and engineering.

    Not only are people from non-business backgrounds accepted into the Illinois MBA, but their interest is greatly encouraged. The breadth of discussion and perspective, which may be offered as a direct result of including these different backgrounds, adds significant value to the quality of education enjoyed by the class as a whole.

    Although the Illinois MBA invites applicants from an array of academic upbringings, I do not want to be remiss in returning to the mention of the geographical and cultural diversity also present. In speaking to gained perspective, international students earning their Illinois MBA offer first hand knowledge of the economic, social, and cultural climates within some of the world’s top business locations. The international students welcome the domestic students to learn about their cultures, including them in celebrations such as Diwali and the Chinese New Year. Additionally, the Illinois MBAA’s Diversity organization heads a multitude of events, promoting intercultural education and experiences.

    Illinois MBA prides itself on facilitating education to students through the most effective channels, and beyond the classroom exists dynamic opportunities to continue one’s learning. Taking advantage of these chances enables students to more effectively add to and tell their stories. Thank you, and until next time…