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  • Welcome to U of I!

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    It's about that time again! The Chambana community has begun its annual August growth, as students return and ready themselves for another scholastic year. In the realm of the Illinois MBA, the conclusion of the summer symbolizes completed internships, summer experiences, and the induction of the new class into our beloved program.

    First year MBA students initially become acquainted with the Illinois MBA through participation in a weeklong student orientation, which briefly examines what they will experience. Orientations feature team-building exercises, an array of tours, and guest appearances by the university’s esteemed professors and administrators, all culminating with a cruise in Chicago. Sounds pretty nice, huh?

    The first year students also gain an understanding of what else the school has to offer as far as extracurricular activities and campus life are concerned. They become expose to the various existing clubs, sporting events, and everything that makes the University of Illinois a phenomenal institution to acquire a college experience! It’s an exciting time here!

    Leading the orientation festivities this year (starting today) are Nick Reynolds and Colleen Symansky. These two heavily involved individuals create an extraordinary dynamic through which I am certain they will facilitate a riveting orientation, and we will be sure to give you the play-by-play on all of the activities! Stay tuned!