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  • MBA Orientation - Day 1

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    Monday welcomed 123 new, diverse students into the Illinois MBA family, as the 2011 orientation events commenced. The first day, which began at 8 a.m., contained numerous informative events. These events included addresses from Dean Larry DeBrock and Dean Stig Lanesskog and tours of Illinois beautiful campus and state of the art Business Instructional Facility, concluding with a night of bowling!

    Following a delectable taco bar, I had the pleasure of attending an ethics discussion featuring Dean Lanesskog and some of the MBA 2’s. During the conversation, issues encountered not only in B-school but also in corporate America were touched upon.

    Plagiarism, specifically, often serves as a hot topic in these settings, and this one proved to be no different. University policies were covered along with valuable tips to avoid any negative encounters. Within those tips, MBA2s offered techniques for effective teamwork, a vital skill in life and key component to success within the Illinois MBA curriculum. 

    We will be at orientation all week to shed light on everything that is happening at Illinois MBA! Thanks for reading. Until next time…