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  • Finishing Up Orientation

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    At the midpoint of the week, the third day focused on career mapping and team building. Students were divided into two groups, which rotated between meeting with the phenomenal Business Career Services team and team building exercises.

    Students greatly benefitted from the initial career mapping and interview skill building with their applicable concentration leaders. On the other end, students formed teams to participate in a team building exercise that placed them in a gold digging scenario. The objective of the activity focused on working together to maximize return on investment (ROI) with a high emphasis on strategy. Wednesday wrapped up by offering valuable joint degree and international student panels.

    Thursday opened with a two-hour journey to Chicago for company visits. Students visit destinations correlated with their concentrations for the program and exposed them to prominent companies within each industry. The featured companies included: Sears, Wrigley, Boeing, Loop Capital, Credit Swiss, Ernst & Young, Cognizant Solutions, and IDEO, among others. Following the company visits, the first year MBAs joined the second years and Illinois MBA alums for a cruise on Lake Michigan. The Illinois MBA family networked, enjoying the ambiance of the crisp summer evening.

    Friday and Saturday provided a strong conclusion for the week of MBA orientation. On Friday, the students enjoyed a free day until a happy hour in the evening, and on Saturday the class of first years offered their time for a community service project at the Mahomet half marathon.

    All in all, the 2011 MBA Orientation produced an extraordinary first experience for the first year MBA students. As their comfort levels have significantly risen, I am confident that the Class of 2013 will excel in and beyond the program, while contributing greatly to the Illinois MBA legacy.

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