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  • 5 Tools For Your Internship Search

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    From the moment students enter the Illinois MBA program, the subject of the career search becomes a hot topic. Students want to know how to obtain one, and the Illinois MBA wants to educate students on how to acquire one. The career search initially commences with the internship search in the first year. Today, we will highlight five ways to assist in the journey to an internship.

    Case Competitions – As you have read in the previous posts, case competitions offer dynamic, multidimensional opportunities. Participants enjoy rare exposure to company executives, while displaying their analytical skills and ability to problem solve. Past Illinois MBAs have found these opportunities to be most beneficial when showcasing one’s professional value in the interest of gaining employment.

    Creativity – Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a great idea on which you want to work? Creating your own summer internship proposes an excellent opportunity to further your personal initiative and utilize contacts made to progress YOU, LLC.  

    BCS – One of the brightest stars within the Illinois MBA universe lies in the superb Business Career Services department. Students are assigned advisors, depending on their desired concentrations, who guide their career searches. Students work with the BCS advisors to assess career fair, company visit, and interview opportunities to garner the offers they desire.

    Conferences – With the multitude of MBA associations (Black, Hispanic, Asian, women, veterans, etc.), conferences provide the optimal stages to meet with companies for coveted face-to-face interaction. Geographically spread across the country, these conferences invite MBA students to speak with, interview, and form valuable relationships with a cornucopia of primer companies.

    Personal Network – Lastly, one’s personal network should always be expanding, as opportunities for networking are everywhere! Students’ personal networks serve as directories of companies to which they can reach in getting their feet in the door. Through personal research and drawing upon those valuable relationships, this is the route on which numerous MBAs discover employment.