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  • My Intern Experience

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    Throughout the summer, I detailed MBA 2 students' internship experiences. While we have heard from students within the human resource, finance, and project management functions, among others, I wanted to take this edition of the Student Life Blog as an opportunity to share my internship experience with you.

    For three months, I had the pleasure of interning with Caterpillar Inc., and the experience of being able to utilize my technical knowledge acquired in the classroom to add value to the Fortune 60 company was invaluable. I was fortunate to work with a phenomenal marketing team in the Global Construction & Infrastructure group, and they assisted me in truly growing through my work there.

    My internship experience can be summarized in three words:

    • Introduction
    • Education
    • Application

    Prior to joining the company this summer, I, like numerous other interns, had a somewhat limited view of what comprised Caterpillar, Inc. I came to find that Caterpillar operates as a group of people who help other people; a large corporation, which functions as a family business. The incredibly personable nature of this large entity greatly eased my transition as an intern. Above all, I received a proper introduction to the Caterpillar products, functions, and culture, which stressed the importance of building long-lasting relationships.

    My education and knowledge expanded significantly this summer, as I gained insight to another realm of business. I learned from the projects to which I was assigned and utilized my valuable marketing knowledge (acquired from my Illinois MBA education) to drive results and effectively add value. My projects for the summer placed me in a position to further CAT's marketing initiatives as well as to create one of my own, which I enjoyed seeing come to fruition.

    All in all, my experience at Caterpillar, Inc. was extraordinary. I met great people, acquired valuable work experience, and broadened my business acumen, so that I will be able to add value in future business settings. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities afforded to me and look forward to continuing my professional development.