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    One of the features on which the Illinois MBA program hangs its hat is the ability of students to gain valuable work experience while earning their advanced degrees. A plethora of organizations and opportunities exist for students in which they may immerse themselves and add to their overall experience. Yesterday, the annual MBA Experiential Learning Fair occupied the Business Instructional Facility's atrium in an effort to motivate students to venture outside of the classroom for education.

    The featured opportunities included:

    ·      Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER)

    ·      Academy for Entrepreneurial Learning (AEL)

    ·      Illinois Action Research

    ·      European Union Center

    ·      Sustainability Certificate

    ·      Market Information Lab

    ·      Business 101 Management Team

    ·      Technology Entrepreneur Center

    ·      MBA Case Competitions

    ·      Entrepreneurs Without Borders

    ·      Real Estate Club

    ·      Center for Professional Training & Development

    ·      Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

    These organizations provide arenas in which students may broaden the breadth of their MBA story, a constant emphasis during the program. The experiential learning opportunities directly promote the discovery and improvement of skill sets necessary to excel in the workplace by exposing students to real-life work issues that they must solve. Students frequently attribute the growth of their analytical, strategic, and presentation skills to performing these activities in these organizations.

    Illinois MBA students may contact for more information.

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