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  • Illinois MBA Goes to NAWMBA

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    As the interviewing season and associated conference season get underway, MBA students have begun traveling to various regions of the country in search of employment and enriching experiences. Both internship and career seekers ready themselves to impress potential employers at the career fairs and interviews of the national conferences. During September 15-17, MBA students flocked to Austin, Texas saturating the Irving Convention Center for the 2011 National Association of Women MBAs National Conference.

    We spoke with Sarah Zigman, who attended NAWMBA as her first MBA conference, and she shared that the events broadened her exposure to business greatly. While most first year students tend to feel overwhelmed by the presence of a multitude of the world’s most elite companies, Zigman felt prepared and viewed the conference as an opportunity to use her 30-second pitch in connecting with the available companies.

    Though the majority of the companies with which she spoke were searching for second-year MBA students nearing graduation, Zigman maintained a positive attitude. With that attitude, Sarah forged valuable relationships with recruiters, who volunteered to mentor her as she searches for her internship and later full-time employment. 

    Zigman commented, “Although I did not have any immediate results from the conference, I am confident that the contacts I made I will remain in close contact, and they possibly could lead to an internship or full-time offer down the road.”

    We also had the pleasure of speaking with second-year student, Starza Kolman, who recently completed her internship with United Stationers, working in the market research sector. As a first-year, Kolman effectively worked the conference circuit visiting various cities in search of broadening her network and locating employment.

    NAWMBA has always been my favorite career fair to go to. It’s smaller, the lines are shorter, and you are able to get more face time with each recruiter”, Kolman shared. She attended the career fair and the conference events describing them as “extremely rewarding and informative”. 

    NAWBA features an array of successful women, placing them in an opportunity to positively influence other women in their pursuit of professional prosperity. Kolman expressed her related sentiments here saying, “NAWMBA provides women with so many opportunities—whether through their national organization, their conference, or their career fair. I plan to continue my membership in the professional chapter after I graduate, as this organization is such an important one to be a part of. I highly recommend that all women become members of NAWMBA and go to both, the conference and the career fair next year—the opportunities are just waiting for you!”

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