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  • Illinois MBA and the Midwest Career Fair

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    On October 21, the Illinois MBA realized the fruits of its labor: the Midwest Career Fair was finally starting. This event was a means to bring together the top MBA schools in the Midwest and top tier companies who appreciate the talent that the Midwest has to offer. As the website for the Midwest Career Fair states, "This career fair encourages meaningful connections both with employers and other candidates. Use this as an opportunity to grow your professional network" ( 11 MBA programs (including the Illinois MBA) and 39 top tier companies agreed and used the Midwest Career Fair to garner employment and to grow their professional networks.


    This career fair brought current students, alumni and prospective students together on Thursday night to discuss how important the Illinois MBA program is to one’s future success and how much current students and alumni love this program. I had the pleasure of speaking with a few alumni regarding their current careers. I was absolutely blown away! The alumni present were executives of banks, directors of marketing for major real-estate firms and the list goes on. Seeing how successful our alumni are absolutely energized me. I was so excited to speak to prospective students to garner the same excitement I felt when deciding on what school to go to. From the flexible curriculum to the Illinois Business Consulting opportunities, the Illinois MBA program can truly be tailored to fit any student’s needs. After speaking to a couple prospective students, I saw that minds were made up to apply to the Illinois MBA program. As the receptions came to a close, business cards were exchanged and goodbyes were said. Tomorrow was the career fair and the MBAs were anxious to meet the companies.

    The career fair was awe-inspiring! It was so refreshing to see major players in the accounting, airline, consumer packaged goods, automotive and distribution industries in attendance because they desired the talent that the Midwest MBA schools cultivate. With a huge amount of students present and with the opportunity to interview and network onsite, this career fair proved to be a wild success. Many students commented on how wonderful it was to see smaller business schools in attendance. Much like the Illinois MBA, many of the other schools represented had small classes and so it was well-appreciated to have an opportunity to connect with other schools and companies at this career fair. I know both the companies and the students in attendance would agree—we are all excited to be a part of the Second Annual Midwest Career Fair next year!