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  • MBA Awards Season

    Professors of the Year
    Professors of the Year

    As the semester winds down to an end and the second-year MBA students gear up to graduate this weekend, the MBA program and organizations within the MBA program gather together to honor students and faculty alike for all that they have accomplished throughout the year. Over the past two weeks, we honored students with the Extraordinary Achievement Award, the MBAA Finale Superlatives and the Student Worker of the Year Award. We also honored professors in the Faculty Appreciation Award Ceremony. Because the professors and students accomplish so many amazing tasks throughout the year, the program has multiple ceremonies to honor them.

    The first award ceremony of the season was the Extraordinary Achievement Awards. Over 25 first-year, second-year and professional MBA students were nominated for their outstanding contributions to the MBA program over the past semester. Students were nominated for their leadership in organizations within the MBA program, for their efforts in creating lasting relationships between the MBA program and other companies, for their recruiting efforts, for their participation in case competitions, and much more. Out of the students who were nominated for this prestigious award, four winners were chosen: Stephanie Barry, James Cantu, Chris Angelica and Olaide Lawal. These students were chosen for their exemplary leadership efforts displayed through their participation on leadership teams in multiple clubs.

    At the end of every year, the MBA Association throws a Finale—a formal dinner and awards ceremony for the graduating class. This year, second-year MBA students were given such superlatives as “Most Likely to Become CEO” and “Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize.” Fellow second-year MBA students nominated and voted for their classmates for these awards and those students who won were very grateful for such a high compliment from their peers. Each winner was given an engraved golden statue, which represented an “Oscar” as this year’s theme for Finale was “A Night at the Oscars.” It was an amazing night, with a number of hugs and memories filling the room the entire evening.

    A new ceremony this year was the Student Worker of the Year Award Ceremony. The MBA program employs a number of student workers to help with recruiting, administrative tasks, and more. In order to acknowledge the important contributions these students made to the MBA program this year, the MBA staff members awarded two students the Student Worker of the Year Award for going above and beyond their normal duties as student workers. Abby Sullivan and Adam Sherer were honored with the title of Student Worker of the Year, a tradition that will continue for years to come.

    Last but not least, the MBA professors were honored at the Faculty Appreciation Award Ceremony. Professors were nominated by students of each program: The Executive MBA program, the Professional MBA program and the Fulltime MBA program. For the Executive MBA program, two professors won the title of Faculty of the Year:  Gregory Northcraft and Raj Echambadi. For the Professional MBA program, Raj Echambadi won again, and for the full-time MBA program, Nick Petruzzi won the honorable title of Faculty of the Year.

    It’s inspiring to hear about all of the wonderful work everyone is doing and it makes me proud to be part of  such an outstanding program. The Illinois MBA program is chock full of talented and ambitious people—it is wonderful to be surrounded by such awesome individuals!