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  • MBA Extraordinary Achievement Award Ceremony

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    ·         Positive MBA Program Impact


    o   Making a difference in the MBA program by supporting the MBA program mission and goals and helping the program gain exposure. 


    ·         Positive Community Impact


    o   Making a difference in the local community and/or another community by leading corporate and social responsibility and/or service initiatives.


    ·         Outstanding Personal Acts


    o   Putting extraordinary effort into making the MBA program better for themselves and others.


    Many students were nominated, and it was difficult to select a few winners from the outstanding nominee pool.  Our winners for Fall 2012 were: Brad Pnazek (MBA2), Owen Carr (MBA2), and Krista Kimme (PMBA).


    All three winners of the Extraordinary Achievement Award have displayed behavior that shows dedication not only to their education and professional development, but also to their personal growth.  Brad, Owen, and Krista are a positive representation of the Illinois MBA brand. 


    Furthermore, they all show ongoing commitment to their cause by continuing to support the community and the MBA program through their willingness to volunteer and/or participate.  The desire to engage in these extraordinary activities proves that these students have vested interest in receiving a diverse, rich experience within the program. 


    Congratulations to all nominees and our three winners, Brad, Owen, and Krista!