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  • Wall Street Prep Professional Development Workshop

    Wall Street Prep Professional Development Workshop

    By Harout Sahakian, First-year MBA Student

    The MBA program hosted a “Wall Street Prep Technical Finance Interview Workshop” on Friday, January 18. This session is part of the MBA Professional Development program that is open to all full-time MBA students.  The workshop was a reality check for me. Going into it, I thought I was ready for an interview with a financial institution since I had worked in the financial industry prior to beginning the MBA program.  However, I quickly realized I needed a refresher. The workshop went into great detail about the types of questions that may be asked during a finance interview.  Our instructor gave us an insider’s view of what an interviewer is looking for and what is “fair game.” Some of the topics covered included discounted cash flow, accounting, and trading comparables. To apply the material, we worked on several problems in Excel during the workshop, and all participants received a financial training solutions booklet.

    This Wall Street Prep Workshop is invaluable to MBA students who are pursuing careers in the finance industry. I highly recommend it, and I can confidently say I am better prepared for the Spring recruiting season.