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  • Birthday Celebrations

    Last month the MBA program hosted a birthday celebration in the MBA lounge for all students with a January birthday.  Because this is the inaugural birthday event, the celebration was for all students with fall birthdays as well.  Between the full-time and PMBA programs, I would estimate that more than 30 people circulated through the festivities.  

    While there was obviously birthday cake, the hit of the event was the selection of “cake pops,” cake baked on a stick to look like a lollipop.  That party tray was quickly devoured! 

    All around, it gave the students a break from an otherwise busy day and was a good way to kick off the semester.  Going forward, birthday celebrations will be hosted every month, so make sure you come out to celebrate your peers and eat cake!

    Our guest blogger, Jimmy Hinton (MBA1), just happened to mention that his birthday is in May and that May babies generally like cheesecake…we’ll see what we can do Jimmy!  To our February babies, what’s your favorite birthday dessert?