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  • Ibrahim's Summer Internship & The OrgSync Conference

    This is a synopsis of what rising MBA2, Ibrahim Saeed, has been doing this summer.  Read more to find out about the June OrgSync conference and his internship at State Farm.

  • What, Why & How of the New OrgSync

    OrgSync creates an online community for Illinois MBA, with portals dedicated to MBA organizations, Illinois Business Consulting, and academic resources. The above is an image of OrgSync’s homepage. Head to if you want more information on what OrgSync has to offer for students and organizations alike.

    This is a link to the User Guide with step-by-step instructions of how to effectively use OrgSync.  Reach out to us with any questions regarding OrgSync, we'll be happy to assist!

  • Chinese New Year Celebration

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    MBA Students ring in the New Year with a festive Chinese New Year Celebration.  Here are some snapshots of the fun event!

  • Super Bowl Party!

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    Snapshots from the GMA (Graduate Marketing Association) Super Bowl Party...

  • Design for America Kick-Off

    Design for America at UIUC just kicked off the Spring Semester! DFA teams presented accomplishments from last semester, and we started forming spring semester teams and getting started on projects...

  • SocialFuse

    Photo: MBA Student Jordan Buckner pitching at SocialFuse
    Photo: MBA Student Jordan Buckner pitching at SocialFuse

    If you have a startup idea and need to get people on your team, or if you are looking to meet your co-founder, want to join a startup, are interested in entrepreneurship, or if just want to network with amazing people, SocialFuse is for you!...

  • South Africa

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    Having worked quite extensively with the Kola Foundation on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I naively thought that poverty would be similar irrespective of location. However, after touring a local township and speaking with some of the indigenous people of South Africa, I realized just how wrong I had been. 

  • Columbia St. Roastery

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    My visit to the Columbia Street Roastery was extremely informative.  The owner, Mark Harriott, was not shy about sharing his expansive knowledge about his coffee beans’ supply chain and the process they go through in house... 

  • Winter Gala & Festivities

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    The fall semester of 2013 wrapped up with two wonderful events that provided MBA students a much-needed break from studying...


  • Diwali!

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    Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated here last Friday...


  • Africa Business Club: It's just the beginning!


    Africa Business Club: It's just the beginning!


    On Friday Oct 4th 2013, we officially launched the Africa Business Club at Illinois. The successful launch event was well attended by faculty and students across different departments at the University of Illinois...


  • Snow

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    Snow. I have heard people say the word and express their feelings about it for as long as I can remember. Sadly I had never experienced it for myself...


  • OTMA SCM Career Panel

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    “Companies are scrambling to hire people with supply-chain expertise. But these experts are hard to come by.” quoted from the WSJ in the opening remarks of the SCM (Supply Chain Management) Career Panel by Jimmy, OTMA’s (Operations & Technology Management Association’s) current president. As an MBA student concentrating in Operations, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and network with six high profile supply chain professionals from Sears holding, McCormick, MSC and beyond...

  • Coming Full Circle

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    Coming Full Circle
    Melissa Chua ‘14 MBA
    During my final week in Cambridge, I had the opportunity to meet two incredible entrepreneurs: Theo Koutroukides and Jennifer Hersch. In this episode, I highlight the work they've done in creating the first hot yoga sports studio in Cambridge. Through this, I hope to inspire young entrepreneurs at ILLINOIS and feature some of our own young business owners in Fall 2013...
  • My Last First Day Of School

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    Even though I’ve just driven for two hours, dealt with a robbery at a friend’s house and gotten little sleep, I feel energized.  That can only mean one thing; the last first day of school.

    As I walk through the gradually waking campus, the sights of bleary eyed students stumbling to class along with the slowly rising temperature remind me of first days past.  I think of last year when, newly transplanted from California, I marveled at the grandiose buildings and of course BIF as I carefully approached it, wondering what this school year would hold for me...

  • Interning As A Joint Degree Student

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    This summer I am the business development intern at LM Consultants, an architectural and engineering consulting firm headquartered in fantastic Grayslake, IL. The firm provides due diligence and construction administration services for commercial real estate investors and lenders. I enjoy the job because I have gained an understanding of the real estate market that I previously lacked. It has opened my eyes to a side of architecture...

  • OrgSync Connect - We've Got Swag!

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    “Oh God!”, I reflexively yelled as I came out of the American Airlines terminal at the Dallas Fort Worth International airport on Thursday last week. Even at 8:30 in the night, it was 105 degrees. For the MBAA board traveling from Midwest or East Coast, it was a huge jump in temperature. However, it took us only a while to adjust to the change in temperature as we prepared to experience the sixth largest metropolitan economy in US (and in my opinion, the city with the best cuisine). Shortly after landing...

  • EnterpriseWorks Incubator

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    When I told some friends in Minneapolis that I was working at EnterpriseWorks Incubator (EW) they asked, “do you grow eggs or raise baby animals?”  No, EW does not grow eggs or baby animals.  EW grows companies.  Recently named as one of three college town incubators to watch by Inc., EW is the 43,000 sq. ft. startup incubator at our university and is fully equipped with the resources to help your tech startup incubate and grow...

  • Interview With Jackie Wilson

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    Jackie Wilson, Director of Admissions, is retiring.  For Jackie Wilson, what started off as a 6-week assignment turned into a 12-year journey at the University of Illinois.  In this interview, Jackie reflects on her past successes, fondest memories, and deepest challenges.  She also looks to the future, shares her future ambitions and parts with sage advice for our students...

  • May Week Fireworks

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    I know, I know, it's June, not May. But as it happens, the English think differently. I'm in Cambridge, England, getting settled into an MBA consulting internship with a premier business incubator (thanks to the international consulting experiences I've gained through the Innovation Immersion Program), and Cambridge students have just finished an intense round of final exams... 

  • The (2nd) 1st Day At Work

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                    After nine months of B-school and a quick trip to China, my summer officially started as I moved back to my old apartment in Lakeview (north-side of Chicago) at the end of May.  Within a week, still jetlagged, I started my LDP internship at AT&T.  I can still remember how nervous and anxious I was when I started my first day in my old job straight out of college, but this time was much different...


  • iTech: A company run by Illinois MBAs

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    Over the past semester, a team of Illinois MBA students has been running a fictional company, iTech, in between classes, the internship search, and school activities. iTech produces the most innovative flash drives on the market. Through our participation in the International Collegiate Business Strategy case competition, Tian Gan, Alan Lu, Mina Rhee, Adam Smith, Nhan Vo and me have guided iTech to a large market share and high stock price after seven “years” (ten weeks) of careful management...

  • Columbia Street Roastery Tour

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    “Cute” is incorrectly the word that comes to mind as one walks into Columbia Street Roastery.  The nearly claustrophobic retail space is reminiscent of a remote country wine shop designed for tourists as the green paint, gobs of metallic red bags and bright tea room welcome visitors to examine the roastery’s wares.  Having been edified in my amateur coffee snobbery and specialty roasting philosophy in queues at some of the country’s most revered (and arguably trendy) coffeehouses such as Blue Bottle (NYC, SFO), Stumptown (SEA, PDX, NYC), Intelligentsia (CHI, LAX) and Ritual Roasters (SFO), one feels that possibly this is just some small city diversion...

  • Cubs Game!

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    My first thoughts upon waking up to my alarm on Sunday morning were panicked: “It’s late!  Am I late for Finance?!  We have a quiz!  I still need to study!” After my initial panic subsided, it dawned on me: today was the day of the Cubs game!...

  • Holi: Festival of Colors

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    Holi, the Indian festival of colors, which is usually celebrated in March, marks the beginning of spring in India. The 'Asha for Education' organization scheduled it for the mid of April and the weather gods at the UIUC campus were still making up their minds about the beginning of spring...