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  • 2013 Illinois Strategy Case Competition

    Even though the faces on Thursday night’s cocktail reception showed a little bit of anxiety for what was going to come up over the next 48 hours, the faces on Friday morning at 8:15 a.m. were a completely different story!  All the hours spent on preparing for the internal rounds were about to be put used towards a marathon of 24 hours that did not include any sleep (may be a 10 minute nap), lots of crackers and Sun Chips, and insane amounts of going back and forth discussing DropBox’s growth strategy.  The Illinois MBA Case Competition was a great experience for me. 

    The level of excitement right before the distribution of the case is not comparable to any other.  The moment we got to know that the case was on DropBox, I looked at Matt who is a DropBox champion.  I knew a least one of us is going to enjoy this for sure.  For the next 22 hours, Matt, Melissa, Chris and I had an amazing time discussing our opinions on the solution and preparing our slide deck.  The three of them are very enthusiastic individuals and the opportunity to work with them and present our case was probably the most valuable experience for me.  The fourth and an extremely important member of our team, Prof. Rybka, certainly added value to my experience from the competition; it would not have been possible without her.  I thought that the Illinois MBA admin team did a stupendous job of organizing the event.  All the teams were attended to very well and the whole competition was a great success.  I will definitely try to participate in the next year’s competition; either as a team participant or as a volunteer, and I suggest that all the MBAs should be involved in at least one Case Competition in their 2 years.  It is an unparalleled and a fascinating experience.