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  • Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition The Event

    Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition – The Event


    The 2013 Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition was held February 7 – 9 in the Business Instructional Facility.  Ten schools (Arizona State, Baylor, Connecticut, Hong Kong UST, Illinois, Iowa State, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, and Purdue) participated in this exciting competition.  Event sponsors were Bosch, HD Supply, and Whirlpool.


    The event commenced with a networking reception on February 7 where participants had the opportunity to network with each other, current Illinois students and staff, and a representative from Bosch.  The case was distributed on Friday morning and participants had 24 hours to analyze a complex business strategy case about Dropbox and prepare their recommendations and presentation.  On Saturday morning all participants presented to a panel of judges, composed of College of Business alumni and representatives from the sponsoring companies, in the preliminary round.    The top three teams advanced to the final round, and all were welcome to watch the final round of presentations. 


    The results were as follows: 1st place – University of Connecticut, 2nd place – Baylor University, and 3rd place – Purdue University. The top three teams won cash prizes.  Congratulations to the winners and all who participated!


    The Strategy Case Competition is an excellent networking opportunity as Illinois MBA students had the opportunity to interact with fellow MBAs from other programs as well as corporate sponsors and judges.  This opportunity was open not only to team members, but also student volunteers who helped throughout the event.  Many College of Business alumni returned to campus to help with this event, which has become a tradition for some of our MBA alumni!  Thank you to our volunteers, alumni, and corporate sponsors for their support of this event!


    If you played a role in the Strategy Case Competition, we would love to hear your feedback!  Check back soon to see a description of the competition from the inside perspective of an Illinois team member!