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  • 2013 Alumni Banquet

    The 2013 Alumni Banquet took place on Friday, March 1st at the JW Marriot in downtown Chicago. 

    Last weekend, I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the MBA Alumni Banquet at the JW Marriott in Chicago. During my time in the MBA, I attended this event as a student, but having graduated last May, it was fun to finally attend the Alumni Banquet as an alum! I always found the banquet to be a great event - allowing current students, prospective students and alumni from all three programs to come together and share memories of the MBA - those already made and those to come! During my time at the MBA, the strategy to bring these three programs together under the same leadership and vision was evident. Last weekend, after speaking to many alumni, current students and program leaders, I found that this strategy has come even further to fruition! It was great to see the program that made such an impact in my life moving in a good direction of further success! 

    Before the dinner and awards presentation began, we all enjoyed a casual and inviting cocktail hour - allowing us to catch up with old friends and meet with current and prospective students. Everyone had such enthusiasm for the program! Dinner was great - finished off with a great banana chocolate dessert! The highlight of the evening was watching the presentation of the alumni awards. As a young alumnus, I particularly enjoyed hearing from Class of 2007 Alumnus, Chris Mulh who received the Immediate Impact Award. His remarks about how much impact the MBA made on both his personal and professional life were insightful and encouraged me to look into ways to remain connected to the MBA program as I progress in my career! Overall, the evening was a success! I hope the MBA Program and Alumni Committee continue to plan such events to bring alumni together and encourage our continued participation in the program. 

    Abby Sullivan is an alumnus of the MBA class of 2012.  During her time in the program she served as President of Women in Business, and worked for the MBA program in Student and Academic Services.  At the end of the program, her peers voted her as "The Best Team Member" at their class Finale celebration.  Abby graduated with concentrations in Strategy and Finance and works for Chrysler Group LLC as part of their Leadership Development Program. Thank you Abby for sharing your experience at the Alumni Banquet - and thank you to all of our alumni who attended the event!