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  • MBAA/MVA: Illinois MBAs Combat Stress

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    Last week the programs U.S. veterans rallied 44 Illinois MBA students -- with a great mix of first years, second years, dual degrees and PhDs -- to drive out to Charleston and spent an afternoon shooting at one another. The first of hopefully many annual paintball excursions was a great hit... and hit... and hit... and hit. Many had never paintballed before, and quite a few had never held a gun. Sorry... had never held a "marker." But in no time at all, they were charging each other down and a great time was had by all! 


    The group split up multiple ways to play a lot of different games throughout the afternoon. High points included a 1st years versus 2nd years in the outdoor mud pit, and in indoor 4 by 4 with the boys against the girls.... by the end of the game the boys all hid in their bunker and refused to come out and play. :-)


    Stay tuned to more events hosted by the MVA. And a sincere thank you to everyone who joined us!


    Contributor: Isak Griffiths is a first year MBA student.  She is the President of the Military Veterans Association (MVA).