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  • IIP - Off To Israel!

    Welcome to Israel!
    Welcome to Israel!

    On Friday morning, we boarded our bus at 6:45AM – many of the Innovation Immersion Program (IIP) members were sleep deprived and bleary-eyed, and a few of them were chipper from their coffee rush.  Yet all the same, there was a smile on every face: we were headed to ISRAEL!  Just to get to Tel Aviv required the following:

    Waking up before sunrise (a huge sacrifice for the not-so-morning-people)

    Drive to O'Hare: 2.5 hours

    Working on slide presentations/ waiting for the flight to Philadelphia: 7 hrs

    ORD to Philadelphia: 2 hours

    Philadelphia to Tel Aviv: 10.5 hours

    Thankfully, due to the time zone difference, we still had the chance to see the beach during the day, walk around the city in the afternoon, and grab dinner before getting back to work on our client presentations.  Tomorrow, we are headed out to go through training run by the Israel Defense Forces… this is already turning out to be a unique experience that is well-worth the long journey!


    The Contributor: Nahree Ki is a first year MBA student.  She is currently reporting from Tel Aviv during the IIP Israel trip.