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  • GCP: Brazil

    The first taste of Brazil was the warm air that greeted you the moment you stepped off the plane into the gate. Dave shared glances and Aerian high fived people - we were here. Still not real, we all confirmed father winter did not make it onto the flight with us as the exotic trees swayed in the breeze and the mountains in the distance confirmed he was no where in sight. Greeted by Meriana and Felipe, our tour guides, we converted our US dollars to Brazilian Reaies. Hopped on the bus as we toured the scenic town - off to Maresias.

        In traditional fashion, the bus driver jerks left and right as he speeds past traffic to get us to our destination. People doze off and fall victim to Ben's camera, capturing every drooling moment. For the rest of us, we are in awe at the pure beauty of our surroundings. Hills and mountains that peer past the heavens themselves, hugged by clouds. The majority of the scene is only visible through thick trees and bushes, until, as though on que, the trees part and - for a stretch - it is all available for us to wonder at. I've always wanted to see a water wall. Check it off the list.