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  • GCP China - 5 Fun Facts

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    Our China trip team went to the 2008 Olympics site today, seeing sites from the Olympic Village to the Aquatics Center and stadium.  Along the way we learned several fun facts about the investments China made for the Olympics and how the buildings are being used now.  These facts include: 

    5) The Olympic Village housing is now being sold as high end apartments.  The apartments sell for around $25,000 - 30,000 for 16 - 18 square meters. 

    4) It took 42,000 tons of steel to construct the stadium.

    3) 7,000 people were working on constructing the buildings during the high point of construction. 

    2) 120,000 ATMs were added in China, mostly in Beijing, in the lead up to the Olympics.

    1) Despite how massive the investment in infrastructure for the 2008 Olympics sounds to us, it represents only 1% of all investment in infrastructure in China at that point in time.  

    The infrastructure investment for the Olympics included adding 3 subway lines in Beijing, over a dozen subway stations, an airport terminal (that we flew into, coincidentally), and 78 miles of trees.  The total cost of this investment was $40 billion. 

    Note: Some of the facts in this write up come from articles in the Australian Financial Review and Fortune International about the Beijing Olympics.  


    Our Contributor: Jessica Weaver is a 1st year MBA student.  She is currently in China for her GCP project.