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  • GCP Brazil: I refuse to say goodbye, so I will see you later

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    How do I recap such an incredible, eye-opening, humbling, tiring, and slowly fast-paced trip? We worked so feverishly hard in small groups to create a product that highlights weeks of research, analysis, and preliminary strategies to provide value to our clients. Though each team had a slightly different interaction and amount of time with their clients, every team seemed satisfied and excited to be equipped with insights, tips, and direction to prepare their final deliverable. The clouds followed us throughout the trip, accompanied by sporadic rain that was worst in Maresias, but that allowed for us to get closer to each other early, teaching what in our past and present drive us to obtain our goals for the future. Slight food poisoning and jam packed days did not slow us down as we pushed through to the weekend. Being spoiled by the sun and a taste of free time in Rio, it was difficult to pull us away and travel back to a promise of snow in Champaign.

    Nearly had to swim our way out of Maresias to get to running around in São Paulo and visit the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Petrobras, and Ita-ewwwwwwwwww. We grouped up to get close to Jesus as we visited Christ the Redeemer in Rio, and burned off some calories from the delicious Brazilian steak dinner (paid for – Thanks Darcy and Ron!) at Rio Santorium. Humbled by the trip to the Favala on Saturday afternoon, we left on time (for the first time all trip) after parting ways with one of our tour guides from our week, the lovely Mariana.

    So many more stories, details, and laughs are to be shared, but those details will come out with time as we all reconnect. For those on the trip with me – thank you for sharing parts of your history, goals, and beliefs. Huge thank you to Conrado and Pedro for answering each and every one of our hundreds of questions with a smile. We appreciated your energy and efforts to making our trip that much more worthwhile. Thank you to Felipe and Mariana for doing their best to show us the places they call home. Thank you to Prem, Ron, and Darcy for coordinating an amazing trip and making sure no one got left behind (has anyone seen Pfeifer?).

    Maresias was relaxing, São Paulo was business, and Rio was gorgeous.

    Brasil, sentirei saudades tuas!


#1 Apr 4, 2013 4:53 am quote

The study trip as narated is full of adventure. i wuold have loved to be part of it.