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  • Holi: Festival of Colors

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    Holi, the Indian festival of colors, which is usually celebrated in March, marks the beginning of spring in India. The 'Asha for Education' organization scheduled it for the mid of April and the weather gods at the UIUC campus were still making up their minds about the beginning of spring.

    The day started out quite cold but it eventually opened up and the sun finally started peeping out of the clouds around 12:30 PM. The MBA family celebrated Holi with more than 750 students from all over UIUC campus. We not only colored each other in pink, green, yellow, blue and orange gulal (the colored powder) but also random strangers who walked up to us and wished us “Happy Holi”. It came as a much needed break from our hectic schedules; and the dance performance, the dhol (Indian drum), music, food and of course, the mango lassi ( An indian drink made from yogurt, cardamom and cream)  only added to the colorful and exhilarating experience.


    The Diversity Club’s collaboration with Asha not only allowed the MBA folks to experience an exciting and vibrant festival from India, but also helped raise money for the education underprivileged children and the rehabilitation process of children of sex workers in India. We hope to bring more such events to our classmates to appreciate the cultural diversity that our classmates from all over the world have to offer. (Maybe an African night next semester? Stay tuned!! ;) )

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Correction : An *Indian drink.